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Samantha Goodell 

Certified Nurse Midwife



Vaginal Delivery Wichita KS

Hi! My name is Sam and I am a certified nurse midwife here in Wichita, KS! I was born and raised right here in Kansas and am grateful that I managed to find my way back home! I'm excited to be able to offer the women of Wichita, KS a choice in their health care! I started my career as a labor and delivery nurse and worked as a nurse for around 7 years prior to completing my midwifery degree. In 2022, I graduated from Baylor University with my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Since 2016, I have been blessed to be a part of well over 1,000 deliveries! My background includes a large mix of low-risk pregnancies, high-risk pregnancies, neonatal intensive care, and postpartum. Since becoming a midwife, I have worked in all birth settings and found that each setting holds its own special place in my heart!


My goal in creating Miracle Moments Midwifery is to offer women a choice in their healthcare. I absolutely love doing home births and birth center births and hope to never give up this aspect of my career. I feel there is nothing more special than being a witness to those precious first moments as a mom pulls her sweet baby up to her chest while surrounded by loved ones. I have worked closely with the owner of Born Midwifery and am thankful to be able to utilize their birthing space for those who prefer to deliver in a birth center. Eventually, I hope to also have hospital privileges so women seeking hospital-based midwifery care have that option as well!


Outside of work, I am a very outdoorsy person. I enjoy fishing, hiking, paddleboarding, camping, and pretty much anything that gets me outside. I have 2 cats and no kids (but hopefully someday). I’m generally a very happy and outgoing person who loves to accept whatever life has to offer!